Publish Date: April 9, 2021

We IR Films installers have excellent quality and services. Mist of Miami is a top company in Dubai. We are very rofessional and timely services, as promised. We offer wide range of high performance film products for automotive segmentas per the needs of client. Our products and services warranted upto 10 years with consistent performance. Whether it’s a residential home, automobile or an office, window tint films offer you a lot of compelling advantages. Here are some of the benefits. We are specialized in automotive, architectural, decoration and safety. We have been successful in promoting the sun control and energy saving solutions to our clients and ensure customer satisfaction since our products are unbeatable in performance and quality consistency. You don’t need to have extremely dark windows to keep the heat out, forcing you to work in artificial light. Window films superior technology lets light in, while keeping the heat out though tinting films.