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Bell & Ross diving watches offer the perfect solutions when exploring an environment that is as fascinating, as dangerous. The maritime expertise of the brand is born from the convergence of the knowledge and skills of designers, master watchmakers and underwater experts. Each timepiece is designed to adapt to its specific surroundings. tudor black bay bronze replica Bell & Ross has developed Diver Bronze timepieces that are perfectly in-keeping with the marine depth. After releasing a black version in 2018, a green version in 2019, and a blue one last year, the brand is now completing its shade card with red. imitation panerai Its case and bezel are made of satin-polished CuSn8 Bronze, an alloy combining 92% Copper and 8% Tin, that is deeply linked to diving history as it was used in the past for deep-sea helmets and naval construction. Adorning hints of pink, the bronze will age well. The patina will emphasize the authentic and unique character of this Diver watch, much-loved by collectors. jaeger lecoultre master replica Anodised red for the bezel, red lacquer for the dial and a reddish-brown strap. The 3 shades work in perfect harmony and feature a high-quality finish. As on previous versions, all the metal parts of the case are made from bronze except the case-back, which is made from stainless steel, and the anodised aluminium bezel ring. Available in a limited edition of 999, the Bell & Ross 03-92 Diver Red Bronze sports the watch‘s emblem, a deep-sea diver’s helmet that is engraved on the case-back. Precious yet resistant, the BR 03-92 Diver Red Bronze is full of character and designed to accompany the gentleman adventurer both on land and at big pilot replica The brand’s constant strive for excellence, challenge and innovation is confirmed in this elegant BR 03-92 Diver Red Bronze that meets all the standards for diving watches set by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, ISO 6425. Water- resistant to 300 metres, it is ready to conquer the depths of the ocean. The matte brown leather strap and beige stitching confirms the watch’s authentic vintage spirit but can be replaced with a rubber strap for use while diving. Bell & Ross has decked out its Replica BR 03-92 Diver Bronze in a striking, limited-edition shade of red, rounding out an series of annual color drops dating back to 2018. The eye-catching pairing follows a full bronze, black dial from 2018 which was followed with a green bezel and dial in 2019 and blue bezel/dial in 2020. The hue is applied to the dial as a lacquer and on the solid bronze bezel as an anodised aluminum insert ring. iwc portugieser chronograph replica While bronze dive watches are a relatively new concept, the material is certainly authentic, having been used in boatbuilding for hundreds of years and, more pertinently, diving helmets since the 19th Century. Bell & Ross uses a CuSn8 alloy, a mix of 92% copper and 8% tin, so the bronze watches it produces will develop a patina over time as opposed to, say, Tudor’s bronze watches, which have been stabilised with the addition of aluminum to the mix. Bell & Ross’ 42mm BR 03-92 collection, which is rated water resistant to 300m, also shows how far manufacturing techniques and tolerances have come in the last few decades as square watch cases were historically difficult to make waterproof. The watch is supplied with both reddish brown calfskin leather and black rubber straps with 999 pieces being made. Available now via Bell & Ross, the BR 03-92 Diver Red Bronze is priced $220 Elsewhere in watches, De Bethune recreates the galaxy on a 4.5 billion year old dial.
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CHIA SẺ TÍCH ĐIỂM ĐỔI TIỀN TẠI SAO KHÔNG ?? Mỗi lượt chia sẻ bài viết đều được 100 điểm. Lần đầu tiên chia sẻ nhận ngay 1000 điểm. -------------- 💥 Thể lệ tích đổi điểm: 5000 điểm = 50.000 VNĐ 10.000 điểm = 100.000 VNĐ 100.000 điểm = 1.000.000 VNĐ -------------- Cách chia sẻ thành công: 1. Bạn đang có một tài khoản VietNamTa 2. Bạn đang có các tài khoản mạng xã hội khác 3. Chia sẻ bài viết này lên tường cá nhân hoặc hội nhóm trên các mạng xã hội khác. 4. Chụp màn hình bài viết đã chia sẻ ở chế độ công khai. 5. Gửi ảnh chụp vào số zalo 0903661722 kèm tên tài khoản. Có thể inbox trực tiếp vào zalo hoặc tài khoản Quản Trị Viên để nhận hướng dẫn chi tiết Lưu ý: Số lượt chia sẻ không giới hạn, sự kiện chia sẻ kết thúc khi có thông báo mới. ------------- ✔ Website: ✔ Google Play:… ✔ Appstore:
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