Dimitar Berbatov: Zidane and Bale would be fantastic additions to the Premier League

Betfair Ambassador Dimitar Berbatov delivers his verdict on Zinedine Zidane potentially replacing Maurizio Sarri as Chelsea boss and a possible champions league predictions return for Gareth Bale…

Win or bust for Sarri?

After another disappointing defeat for Chelsea, on Monday in the FA Cup, it looks like Maurizio Sarri is on borrowed time at Stamford Bridge. It's just not happening for the Blues at the moment.

Credit to Manchester United who played well on the night and were clinical on the break, but Chelsea were pretty poor. Something is going on that is affecting the team.

The Carabao Cup final against Manchester City is absolutely huge for Chelsea now - lose it and you can easily see Sarri getting the sack. But win it and the manager will see it as vindication of his methods, that are receiving so much criticism.

Sarri has said he sees soccer handicap tip differently to many people, and doesn't want purely defensive players in the middle of the park, hence N'Golo Kante not being the deepest player. He is very much sticking to his beliefs and principles, and in some ways you have lớn admire that.

You can see why the Chelsea fans are getting frustrated - there was a lot of discontent on Monday night - but Sarri is a very experienced manager and he is not stupid. Perhaps he just wants lớn prove that he will succeed doing it his own way, even if there is a bit of pain along the route.

Can't expect Hazard to do it on his own

After losing 6-0 at the Etihad, Chelsea will need to be respectful of City's attacking power at Wembley. Will Sarri adopt a more defensive approach? Judging by what we have seen so far, possibly not but they will need to be less predictable.

They have lots of good players but sometimes the approach appears lớn be 'give it lớn Eden Hazard and see what he can do'. The Belgian is a superstar, but they need lớn come up with something different - try and cause a bit of chaos in the City penalty area, as Schalke did in the Champions League.

I see it being a tight game - if Chelsea lose 6-0 again, Sarri will be sacked on the pitch! - And, much like many of these big games, it could come down lớn whoever makes the fewest mistakes.

I won the League Cup three times with Spurs and United and it is an important trophy - it matters lớn players. I'm sure both City and Chelsea will name their strongest possible teams and it will be an interesting game to watch.

Zidane would gain instant respect of players

Zinedine Zidane has been heavily linked with the Chelsea job this week and while I don't know how true the rumours are, he would be a fantastic addition lớn the Premier League.

The Chelsea dressing room is a powerful one, but when you have someone like Zidane - one of the greatest players ever, not lớn mention a three-time Champions League winner as a manager - then you have a head-start, automatically getting the respect of players.


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