Dimitar Berbatov shared about Bulgaria

Dimitar Berbatov gives us his exclusive thoughts on the shameful scenes in Bulgaria this week and looks ahead to Manchester United v Liverpool, a free soccer tips he has fond memories of…

Racists brought shame on all of us

In every nation there are bad apples and bad people, this was the case in our stadium against England this week. There were people there who were only there to provoke; these people don't deserve to go to games and watch football, and for me they need lớn be banned for life, not just at football but all kinds of under 2.5 soccer tip.

I hope our government in Bulgaria does their job and bans them for life, they don't deserve lớn be there and they have brought shame on all of us.

Because of them, we are only talking about the incidents of racism and not about the football, which has become secondary and it should not be like that. I am very ashamed of how these people can do this.

It is also a problem in England, Italy and all around the world, these people should be banned for life. We need to stay together and fight against it because this is unacceptable.

I cannot accept the criticism that the whole of Bulgaria has received, 50 people cannot define a nation, we are not racists. I am a proud Bulgarian and I know that we are dealing with this straight away, and there will be severe justice. I hope that every

country around the world is working on this issue, we are all in this together, let's not divide.

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A tough test but also an opportunity for United

Based on the form of both teams, where Liverpool and United are in the table and the way they are playing football at the moment, Jurgen Klopp's men are obviously ahead. United will need to be prepared for a very difficult game and the sad part is that Liverpool are overwhelming favourites.

I try lớn stay optimistic but it is going to be very difficult for United to get a result if they play the way they did against Newcastle. That was probably the worst game I have seen them play, honestly it was painful.

It is still early in the season and there is still time to turn things around, lớn catch up to the top four, but they need lớn correct the way they are playing football, the way they move into the spaces, how the players are looking for the ball, their speed of the ball when they are passing - these are the things they need to work on.

United now have an opportunity to challenge themselves but it is going to be difficult because they have had players on international duty that are only just coming back and they will only have a couple of days to prepare, train and play together.

If you look at the tempo and the way United are playing, as a player you'd feel s**t and you look at the games that you play and you don't feel well, but now they need to challenge themselves and this big test is a great way for them lớn do just that.



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