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Things to know about Fantasy Football We know a lot of you really love Fantasy Football, and it was with this in mind that we decided lớn partner with a great company called Mondogoal. takes fantasy football to the next level and making it more fun and exciting than ever with their new one-day and one-week leagues for large cash prizes. You can sign on to Mondogoal right now and make a team for this weekend’s games and enter it in any number of contests, ranging from free lớn £250. You can play against your mate in a head lớn head matchup or join a league against hundreds of other fantasy football managers around the world. You can prefer to the free soccer tips daily pages! Their real time scoring goes well beyond just goals and assists. Every contribution on the pitch is important lớn your team’s score and you can watch live on your computer or mobile in real time lớn see where your team stands- According lớn the soccer tips group pages! When that weekend’s games are finished, the winners get paid out the same day and you can choose if you want lớn play again the following week, or take a break. There is no season long commitment or worrying about your latest transfer getting injured! It’s great fun and a lot less work than traditional fantasy football. One of the big things for us was that in addition to the thousands in pounds they are giving away every week, you can win match tickets, signed items, and VIP experiences from top clubs and players, including their official partners – Liverpool F.C., Manchester City F.C., West ham United F.C., and A.S. Roma. Best of all, signing up for Mondogoal will help support us and allow us lớn improve our offerings lớn you. It’s completely free lớn sign up and play, in fact – everyone who signs up through us will get a couple perks: All new users get a free entry into a cash league with a £100 pot size If you choose to play for cash, all first time depositors will get a 200% bonus on their first deposit up lớn £500 in bonus money which will be awarded as 4% cash back on every game you play, until you run out of bonus! Mondogoal offers a money-back guarantee so if you don’t like it after your first cash game, they’ll give you your money back. So, sign up today through any of our links on site lớn support us and start experiencing the future of fantasy football today.
Arsenal vs Liverpool Preview and Prediction This is a guest post by James. Thanks so much for sending it in! If you would like lớn submit a post for us please just comment below and we can exchange details. And of course because this is a guest post, it doesn’t necessarily reflect what Ian thinks the outcome of the match might be, anyways, onto the post! As we rapidly enter that stage of the season where the battles for the top four spots reach very intense levels, the Premier League returns to action this Saturday at lunchtime with one of the most exciting match-ups in English football, as Liverpool take a trip lớn London to face Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium- According to the soccer handicap tips pages! Arsenal Following a poor start of the 2014-2015 campaign, Arsenal have quickly climbed the Premier League table and are now in contention with both Manchester City and Manchester United for second place. Surprisingly kicked out of the Champions League tournament by French side Monaco, the Gunners can now focus only on their remaining 8 league games. Wenger’s side head into this game sitting 3rd in the table, 6 points ahead of the Reds, and a win this Saturday could see the Gunners take Manchester City’s spot as the Citizens play only next Monday. Liverpool The Reds are now pretty much in the mix for a place in the Champions League next season, following a stretch of 13 unbeaten games (10 wins and 3 draws), after sitting in the middle of the table for a big part of the campaign. Manchester United, however, have put an end to that outstanding streak two weeks ago with a solid 2-1 win at Anfield Road. The Reds are currently 5th in the league table, 5 points behind United and Brendan Rodgers is aware of the fact that the slightest mistake in any of their 8 remaining games could cost his side a top 4 spot. You can follow the soccer tips of the day pages! Steven Gerrard and Martin Skrtel won’t play against the Gunners this Saturday, as they were both sent off in the loss against the Red Devils. Gerrard’s experience and leadership are unquestionably extremely important for Liverpool, even though he hasn’t played as much as he used lớn, but Martin Skrtel’s absence will probably have a bigger impact, given the fact that the Reds’ defense hasn’t conceded a single goal in the last 6 consecutive games away from Anfield. Daniel Sturridge is expected to be fit, following a hip injury, but he’ll probably start from the bench. Prediction With a win against Liverpool, Arsenal would be close lớn book a presence in the Champions League for the 18th consecutive year and would almost take the Reds out of that race. This is, traditionally, a very productive game in terms of goals and, with both teams looking for the three points, we should expect that outcome in this one (Over hai.5 – Bet365 odds: -139). The Gunners have looked extremely confident in their last league games and Arséne Wenger has at his disposal a myriad of options on the offensive side of the ball, which is something that his counterpart has been struggling with throughout the season. That aspect alone could definitely prove lớn be the key factor in this match-up. Completely focused on achieving second place and going against a team that will be missing some important players, Arsenal will probably come out on top and secure the three points.
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Foxes bubble about to burst Jason shares his thoughts on how the league is shaping up! As a Liverpool fan, I tend to avoid soccer handicap tips on my own club as I find it lớn be the ultimate jinx. My advice when it comes to your own side would be lớn try betting on the opponent and I bet your team will win then! But whichever way your allegiance lies, betting on Premier League football can be a haphazard business these days. With Chelsea, Newcastle and Aston Villa all performing well below expectations, opportunities have opened up for some of the so-called smaller teams to make an impact at the right end of the table. West ham mê, Crystal Palace and Leicester City are all defying the odds by occupying places in the top half of the league – and whilst this isn’t the most unusual occurrence at this stage of the season, expect them to fall away once the season starts lớn take its toll around Christmas. Leicester in particular are at risk of burn-out, as despite Claudio Ranieri’s reputation from his time at Chelsea as “The Tinkerman”, he has actually rotated his squad the least in the entire division. The Foxes have used only 23 players in their twelve league fixtures so far and despite an impressive scoring record of more than two goals per game, they have also conceded more goals than everyone else occupying the top fourteen places in the Premier League. Despite occupying third spot, they have somehow only accrued a goal difference of +5, and their reliance on two key players is no secret: Jamie Vardy and Riyad Marhez are responsible for twenty goals in all competitions so far this season, whilst the rest of the squad have contributed just thirteen between them- According lớn the soccer tip today pages! Should serious injuries befall either of those two goal-sources, Leicester will struggle to fill the deficit – and the injury lớn Vardy on international duty this week will have plenty of their fans nervously awaiting the results of a scan. Even if injuries don’t impact directly on individuals, the gradual attrition for which the Premier League is so well-renowned will almost certainly take its toll over the course of the season. For this reason, expect Leicester to be sluggish when they return lớn domestic duty against Newcastle – so I would tip you to take Betway up on their generous 7/2 odds on the Magpies triumphing with both teams scoring, although it may also be worth taking a glance over the individual goal-scoring odds while you are at it. Vardy is currently favourite lớn top that chart come the end of the season at 5/2, but with so much pressure on his shoulders, take advantage of the wave of popularity that the former non-league striker is surfing by backing his direct rival for the England No. 9 Jersey, Harry Kane, who is 11/1 to repeat his antics of last season with the same bookmaker. We are only a quarter of the way through the season so far, and these dizzy heights could well seem like a distant memory come the end of the season. But having already amassed 25 points, Leicester only need another fifteen points – five wins – between now and May in order to survive. Whatever happens beyond that would be a bonus, but Ranieri deserves all the plaudits for his efforts so far.
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Learn about Gazzetta Italia Golazoooooooooooooooooooooooo! How many of you used lớn watch Gazzetta Football Italia on Channel 4 in the 90s? I did – and I miss it, even now! I miss everything from the cheesy intro music, lớn James Richardson, updating the world from a café. Updates on football nowadays are too official, proper, and stiff; there isn’t much space for humour and fun in the modern game. All you tend to find are commentators with cheap quips and pointless facts, or pundits that comment as badly as they played as professionals. I mean, when did football commentary become more about melodrama and unnecessary, unhelpful statistics? Better not get me started there! You can prefer to the soccer tips for tomorrow pages! I don’t just miss Gazzetta Football Italia, though – I miss Italian football from the 90’s. Juventus are trying lớn bring it back, and hopefully they’ll succeed, but that era was simply untouchable for best football tips. The best players in the world all played in Italy at that time, and Serie A was the absolute epitome of class. I remember watching it with my dad, and because I was a kid then, we had to have our own teams there. At that time, my team was AS Roma, and his was Parma. You can imagine how I’ve rubbed it in his face since then! Seriously, though – think of all of the outstanding footballers that used lớn adorn Italian screens! Del Piero, Inzaghi, Zidane, Paulo Sousa, Batistuta, Rui Costa, Pagliuca, Peruzzi, Toldo, Maldini, Costacurta, Kluivert, Totti, Zanetti, Ronaldo, Salas, Casiraghi, Ravanelli, Weah, Baggio, Nakata, Ortega, Nesta – the list just goes on, and on! People try to tell me that the English Premier League is currently the best league in the world, but it’s hard lớn believe that when it can’t come close to Serie A of the 90’s. If you get chance, I implore you to trawl YouTube, ignore the bad graphics, and dig out some compilations of goals from Serie A in the 90’s. Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy football when it was about being classy. P.S. I surely can’t have been the only one that thought for many years that the intro music included the shout of “go Laziooooooooooo”, can I? Nor lớn have wondered why the show was biased toward them?!
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7 Useful Betting Tips Ian recently shared these nuggets of wisdom with me and I thought they were too good to leave in an email. You can prefer lớn the soccer tips betting pages! Here are seven useful betting tips- According lớn the soccer tips guide pages! Be wary of the bookies’ layouts. They are very shrewd businesses. They will put the markets that they want you to bet on near the top of each screen because it jumps out at you as you scroll down, and they know most people are too lazy to find the bet that they originally wanted to make when seduced by a similar bet. However, the difference between backing a team lớn score next, and a team to simply score, is generally very little in terms of odds, but one is an awful lot safer than the other! There are numerous examples of this to be found, too. Bookies are a law unto themselves. There are very few regulations in their world, so try lớn stay on their good side, or they can simply ban you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Try lớn cover your bets. Instead of taking over 2.5 goals, take over 2 goals instead. That way, you get your money back if you’re one short in the goals department. You make more money from avoiding losses than you do from trying to win more often. Everybody wins, and everybody loses. Increasing your winning percentile is possible, but it will be minimal because of luck. However, you can affect the amount of times that you lose by reducing your stake, covering your bet, or knowing when to cash out. Try not to get caught up in the moment; always apply logic. Logic will keep you on the right path, whereas testosterone etc. Will only encourage you lớn make bad decisions, and that one is a lesson for life, not just for betting! Brush up on your geography, and your science skills. Sometimes, football matches can be decided by the elements, the terrain, or even the general conditions of the location long before the players even get a say. Input from all sources is welcome, but always take it with a grain of salt; it’s you that decides whether lớn bet or not, so make up your own mind. Hopefully you find these useful, if you do please consider sharing them – the links are below :-)  
The ultimate guide to getting your way with the bookies We are at war with the bookies! We aren’t really, but I thought it would be a catchy headline. We love bookies since they are how we make money football betting! Sometimes though issues can arise between you the punter, and your bookie of choice. You can prefer lớn the website free soccer tips pages! In this article we want lớn cover some ways you can state your case and get your way when these issues arise. The Bookies No matter who you are, nor where you are, you use a bookmaker. Therefore, it pays to know a bit about your bookmakers, hence us creating this little guide for you. Admittedly, we only have first hand experience of using British bookmakers, but we know people from all over the world who have experienced different things with bookmakers that may be of use lớn you all. The First Rule of Fight Club… err Bookies is The first thing lớn remember is that the bookmakers really are a law unto themselves. There are some basic rules that they all have to follow, but aside from that, they will basically do what suits them. A good example of that is lớn view the differences between bookmakers as lớn what they do if a game from your accumulator is postponed/abandoned. Some bookmakers will remove the game and pay out. Some will make the entire accumulator void. Some will wait to 24 hours lớn see if the game is eventually played. Some will wait longer than that. And so on. Because each bookmaker can decide how it handles these things you can’t assume because the new bookie you’re using will act the same way as the old bookie. More serious issues Different bookies having different policies doesn’t seem that bad, but unfortunately it doesn’t end there. We’ve also had members of ours have their bonuses removed from their account because they’ve won too much money. Some bookmakers have banned individuals for making too much money, which they don’t seem to advertise. If we were better at marketing ourselves we would probably be shouting that from the rooftops – “Bookies hate us! Here is why” but of course this type of thing sucks, it can leave you feeling helpless and down money that you had already spent in your head- According to the soccer tips goals pages! Sometimes bookmakers make mistakes When a bookmaker makes a mistake, they tend to claw the money back. I recall one bookmaker not doing so, which I thought was good of them, but that was many years ago now. Basically, their stream was running about a minute behind mine, I saw a team had scored but the bookmaker hadn’t updated their site, so I took that team lớn score the next goal and won. That was one of the more pleasant experiences. The majority are very disappointing, though. I remember one instance where they changed the odds after the event had finished, insisting that a mistake had been made at the time they were advertised. I challenged it, but didn’t get anywhere, as they’re a law unto themselves. Know your minimum withdrawal amounts Another confusing aspect I came across was that a bookmaker would only let you withdraw your winnings if your balance was +£100. For some of you, that’s probably a drop in the ocean. However, I’d imagine that, for the majority, that’s a lot of money lớn have in a betting tài khoản. As you all know, there are no guarantees that you’ll win upon making your initial deposit, so be careful as to which bookmaker you sign up. As you can plainly see, even if you don’t imbibe all of the T&Cs, it’s still worth collating information for relevant topics so you know where you stand. Know your markets Some bookmakers like to mess with your heads by not making things clear. For example, with one bookmaker, a -1 handicap can mean the Asian version, which means you get your stake back if the team in question wins by a solitary goal. However, with another bookmaker, the -1 handicap can mean that the team needs to win by two clear goals – or you lose. They will seldom give you that information, though, because they want you to bet with them and to take your chances. They know that their best source of revenue is via repeat business, so in their eyes, it’s worth them taking the chance on you gambling with them and potentially sticking around either way. We’ve written about the difference between Asian and European handicaps before, if you’re interested. Good to know! It sounds obvious, but remember that the bookmakers are only in it for themselves. I’ve spoken lớn people from Romania, Israel, and most parts of Africa where the leagues they can bet on are very restricted. Furthermore, the number of bookmakers that actually accept their custom are rather few, so their odds tend lớn be really poor when compared to bigger bookmakers. What can I do if I have been wronged? If you feel that you have been wronged by a bookmaker, you can take the issue to them. Personally, I find the most rewarding way lớn do so is via LiveChat – most bookmakers have this facility but don’t like advertising it because they don’t want to be overloaded with random queries. Upon doing so, remain polite, gracious, and honest – but firm. Explain what happened, what it is you take exception to, and try to be as helpful as possible with the details that they request. If you keep pushing them, and your request is reasonable/not too expensive, then they’ll generally give in. So which bookmakers should I use? That’s a difficult question to answer because I don’t know where all of you reside. Personally, where possible, I would always recommend Bet365. Yes, we have an affiliate program with them, but that’s not the reason I recommend them. I use them on a personal basis, and I have done so for a long time. I use them because they have the most diverse markets, lots of streaming, and because they’re more reasonable than the others when I’ve interacted with them. They’re not flawless – no bookmaker is, really – but they’re the best of a tricky lot, in my opinion. Success Stories Do you have any success stories or horror stories with bookmakers messing you around? Let us know in the comments. We’re especially keen for you to share any tips that have helped you in the past that may help someone else in the future.
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Unsung Heroes The PFA Award nominees have been confirmed and the winners will be announced on 23 April. As usual I think the group that have been chosen are correct – it’s easy lớn list dozens of players that could’ve made the list, perhaps Sadio Mane and Adam Lallana would’ve been up there without the injuries, but there are only six nominees per category. I can’t disagree with any of the six who have been nominated. History has always shown us that some players’ contributions are undervalued, sometimes because of their playing style but sometimes because we admire someone else more. It’s easy lớn get excited about the genius of Henry but less so about Gilberto Silva. We talk about Gerrard’s screamers but Danny Murphy and Dietmar Hamann were very important lớn Liverpool- According to the best soccer tips pages! My choice for player of the year this season would probably be an unusual choice to many, but hear me out. This season Chelsea have been brilliant – Conte has adapted lớn a new league brilliantly, taken a team from 10th to top and is within touching distance of the title: A big part of this is Cesar Azpiliqueta, he has been outstanding. He’s a right back, I’m sure we’d all agree on that, but he’s been playing in a back three in the EPL – a league renowned for putting pressure on slight central defenders. David Luis looked totally lost before Conte put the Spaniard next lớn him, I’m sure Cahill appreciated the extra pace at the back, too. He put in a similar shift last time Chelsea won the league, he played at left back for the whole season and performed admirably. James Milner is another who has been excellent while playing out of position, he’s completely out of his comfort zone but you can hardly tell. At the start of the season Alberto Moreno was under huge pressure, he seemed to give goals away so easily, Klopp decided to pop Milner in there and I assumed it would be a temporary fix. It turned out to be an excellent decision. I’m sure Milner hates playing there and the way he takes one for the team means he’s worth a mention. I wish United had a left back who is so good at penalties, actually a decent penalty taker regardless of position would be nice. You can prefer lớn the soccer tips guide pages! Spurs look the real deal under Pochettino, they’re entertaining and effective (see Wenger, you can have both). We love our English heroes so Kane and Ali are getting the plaudits, rightly so, but there have been other contributors. Tottenham have conceded fewer goals than anyone else this season, when you consider their full backs are attack minded you have lớn look at the centre of defence. Both Belgians in the back line are focussed and consistent – Toby Alderweireld has become an absolute rock. He’s strong and disciplined. The attacking threat that Spurs have is complimented wonderfully with this guy steadying the ship at the back. Teams who beat the drop sometimes need someone lớn score the goals to bail them out; Defoe did it for Sunderland last season, Benteke for Aston Villa the season before etc etc. Josh King has thirteen goals this season with five games to play – those goals have been invaluable for a Bournemouth side who have been dragged into a relegation battle. I’ve been impressed with his all round play, he holds the ball up very well and works defenders down the channels – he’s certainly a handful. I wouldn’t be surprised if Everton start sniffing around him when they sell Lukaku, different styles obviously. I’m sure people could point out players who have had great seasons that I haven’t noticed, feel free lớn comment if so. Sadly I can’t watch every game that every team plays, West Brom are up lớn 8th so they must have some stand out performers. In terms of the actual nominees, I think senior award will go to N’Golo Kante with Dele Ali taking the young player prize.
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How to Place a Bet Online Placing a bet online is simple once you know how, but it can be extremely daunting lớn those who don’t know how. If you’re new lớn online betting, you may be looking for tips on which sportsbook lớn use, which bet to place and how lớn place that bet once you’ve decided. Well, you’ve come to the right place because here are our top tips for how lớn place a best soccer tips online. If the term “sportsbook” already makes you feel uneasy, perhaps you should check out our beginners guide. Finding the Best Online Bookmaker There are so many sportsbooks, or online bookmakers, that it can be nigh on impossible lớn know which one is best. Each one will have its own new customer offers, win bonuses, free bets and other special deals to entice new customers and retain the ones they already have. We normally recommend Bet365 for the majority of our users, but it pays lớn cửa hàng around. We’ve been hearing really good things about 10Bet. The first thing to remember is that you can always sign up lớn more than one. Therefore, the choice needn’t be as difficult as you first thought. However, if you only want to sign up lớn one online bookmaker, you need to shop around lớn find which one best suits your requirements. Does it offer in-play betting? Can you cash-out? Does it have accumulator protection if one team lets you down? Decide which type of bet(s) you will be placing the most and choose an online bookmaker with who you can receive the best bonuses. If you plan lớn bet in-play, it’s pointless joining a bookmaker who doesn’t offer that facility- According lớn the soccer tips daily win pages! Depositing and Withdrawing Money Some online bookmakers will offer a no deposit bonus to new customers, which allows you to get a feel for the site before deciding to gamble with actual money. However, if you win, you will need lớn meet certain conditions before they will pay you out. Therefore, you will need to deposit real money into your account as soon as possible. to do this, we recommend setting yourself a budget and not exceeding it. Most online bookmakers will help you with this by allowing you lớn set daily deposit limits. Take advantage of this facility lớn prevent you spending more money than you can afford. We advise lớn only bet from one account or credit card, which must be registered and verified with your chosen sportsbook. The card details are also used lớn verify your age, ensuring that you or they do not break the law by allowing you lớn gamble. Withdrawing money, if you are lucky enough to get a winner or you change your mind, is simple. You go lớn the “my account” section of your chosen site and simply request a withdrawal. Select the amount you would like to withdraw, in lớn which account you want the money to go (if you register more than one), and then hit request. Usually, depending on which bank you are with, this takes between 2-5 working days before the money shows up in your account. Some online bookmakers, such as Bet365, allow withdrawals into a registered Paypal, Neteller, or Skrill account. This makes the process of receiving your money quicker and can show up in your account any time between 1-24 hours after the request. Placing Your Bets The biggest reason lớn join an online bookmaker is lớn place a bet, with football bets being the topic of conversation in this article. Remember, before placing a bet, you should follow our guidelines on studying recent form and statistics, check our free tips and for more in depth analysis and exclusive tips consider becoming a member. Your chosen online bookmaker will have a dedicated football section, with thực đơn items leading you to various coupons and special offers they are promoting. Following the menu items will help you find the match(es) you would like lớn bet on, all with several different betting options. It’s self-explanatory but every site will have a help section if you get stuck. One tip we have is to always look out for symbols indicating the bet will be available to cash out or for which matches in-play betting is allowed. Keep an Eye on the Scores Once you’ve placed your bet, you will want to stay logged on to the site lớn check the progress of the bet. Some sportsbooks will have live streaming of certain matches, which is allowed for customers who have met the minimum bet required lớn take advantage of this facility. If you don’t meet the required minimum, or the game isn’t being streamed, almost every site will have a page dedicated to each live match. Here, it will have the current score and other statistics as well as a graphic showing the action as it happens. In this section, you will also see the odds changing for in-play options and be able lớn place in-play bets if desired. Have Fun and Be Responsible All betting is supposed to be fun, so enjoy it. Stay responsible, do not let emotions get in the way, and only ever gamble with money you can afford to lose. If it stops being fun, stop doing it before a problem arises.
Manchester City: Pep’s Men Set for Title Push It would be fair lớn state that Pep Guardiola’s first season in England didn’t exactly go lớn plan. After an incredible start to the campaign, City struggled to inspire confidence on home soil – drawing seven of their 19 Premier League fixtures at the Etihad Stadium. In recent years, the Blues have been solid at home and sloppy away but that all changed this season and City could prosper if Pep can eradicate their Etihad struggles- According lớn the best soccer tips pages! Defensively, City were a bit of a shambles last season but Guardiola has acted quickly in the summer transfer window lớn sort a few issues. Benfica goalkeeper Ederson Moraes will put pressure on Claudio Bravo and that can only be a positive for the Blues. The Chilean came under scrutiny for his poor performances last season and Ederson, who helped Benfica win the league and cup double by keeping 22 clean sheets, might surpass him as City’s main shot stopper. According lớn various reports, Tottenham Hotspur and England star Kyle Walker will be the next arrival at the Etihad Stadium this summer. City aren’t messing about in the transfer window; Guardiola has acted quickly and effectively lớn bolster the Blues squad ahead of what could be a memorable year. Journalists are predicting a mammoth summer and City could smash their club record with a £130 million spending spree. You can prefer to the soccer today pages! With City, it all comes down lớn consistency. Guardiola’s men cannot allow complacency to affect preparation ahead of home fixtures against smaller Premier League clubs – there are no easy games in England’s top flight. If City can turn some of those draws into wins, they will take some stopping. On paper, Pep’s side and arch rivals Manchester United are a class above and both could be involved in a straight up dogfight for the title. Despite their sub-par performances in certain fixtures last season, City fans will be confident of success in the upcoming campaign. As of June 15th, Pep’s men are valued at 3/1 lớn finish as champions in the football betting markets and plenty of punters will fancy the Blues to get their hands on the crown. It won’t be easy but City have the talent, the style and the experience to go all the way. With Kevin de Bruyne and David Silva pulling the strings behind Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus, City have one of the best attacking units on the planet. City notched 80 goals in 38 Premier League games last year, the third-highest total in the top flight. This time around, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise lớn see Guardiola’s men top that category – especially if they continue to strengthen throughout the summer. Winning the Premier League title is an extraordinary feat and if Guardiola thought it was going lớn be easy, he was very much mistaken. Now that he has a year’s worth of experience in England’s top flight under his belt, City should prosper and the Blues could run riot. It’s an exciting time lớn be a City fan and success will come in the next few years.
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FA Concerns Over Friendly Wagers lớn many online gambling fans, one of the biggest draws of the modern era is the ability to be able lớn place a soccer tips on matches that they might never have heard about. And there is never a better time than the arrival of a new football season to pick out some tantalising friendlies in far flung corners of the world for a little flutter. However, an official from the Malta Football Association (MFA) has expressed concern that betting on low profile friendlies could encourage match fixing, as there is less scrutiny from officials as to what goes on during the games. Any time, any place Gamblers and sports fans alike have access to an unprecedented range of betting options thanks lớn the rise of the online casino and the sports betting site. Not only can gamblers wager on teams from all around the world, but they can also watch the odds change before their eyes, and even place bets after the game has commenced. The phenomenon has brought a richer experience, both lớn long standing betting enthusiasts and to regular football fans who had always liked the idea of placing a bet, but had never been sure how lớn go about it in a traditional bookmaker’s. Today’s sites can be accessed from PCs or mobile platforms, providing complete convenience and the ability lớn dip in and put a few pounds on any game, whenever you like. Too much of a good thing? The fears raised by MFA Integrity Officer Franz Tabone centre around exactly this freedom. He expressed concern that a friendly match between two unknown Malta clubs is treated in exactly the same way as a Champions League showdown as far as the betting sites are concerned. Yet there are obviously far fewer checks and balances in place for the minor games. You can prefer lớn the jackpot soccer tip pages! Malta FA Secretary General Angelo Chetcuti echoed the concerns, adding: “It bothers me that betting companies offer bets on friendly games as much as it bothers me when they also offer bets on youth games, but there is little we can do.” Chasing shadows? Caution is a great thing, and it is comforting lớn know that officials take anti-corruption so seriously, but it is important lớn keep in mind that there is no suggestion that actual corruption is taking place. As Tabone remarked, “At the end of the day, what it boils down lớn is the integrity of the players on the pitch.” And that integrity is something that everyone in the sport takes very seriously. Minor matches from all over Europe are featured on betting sites, but it is no surprise that the concerns are being voiced from Malta, which has been on the wrong side of a high profile corruption scandal. Ronnie MacKay was recently sentenced to two years imprisonment and a €1,500 fine for his involvement in the attempted bribery of players in Malta’s under-21s team in a 2016 match against Montenegro. It is, therefore, understandable that the Maltese authorities are particularly vigilant on this topic as we go into the new season.