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Commercial properties have to take a lot into account when setting up a place of business. They need to maximise productivity, flow and profitability as well as ensure comfort for customers and employees. They also need to think about any safety concerns and ways to maintain security.

Using security screens in the commercial world may not seem a particularly advanced method of security, but they are very reliable and their applications and usefulness go beyond protection of the premises.


Many shops and commercial properties use shutters and grates to lock up and keep secure from break-ins and intruders.

Security mesh screens are very tough stainless steel. They are able to hold up against impact or cutting attempts, having gone through security testing. They also come with high-quality tested tamper-proof locking mechanisms.

Not only that but they maintain a good view so window displays or advertisements can still be visible through the mesh screen while being protected.


Safety measures are always important in commercial buildings where children are associated, such as schools and daycare.

By installing security screens, you can maintain fresh air flow, which is important for children. And keep annoying biting insects out.

Most notably when facilities are above ground level, these screens ensure that curious children won't climb up to a window and accidentally fall. Because anything can happen, even when the backs are turned for just a moment.

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Wherever food is involved, such as restaurants, food safety is a priority as is customer satisfaction. By opting to install screens on open windows, customers can enjoy the pleasure of the fresh outdoors while remaining sheltered from the sun and free from pestering flies or other insects interested in their food. 

And for restaurants that like to keep a back door open to the kitchen, a strong screen door will keep pests out of the kitchen and keep food safe.

Even small fresh produce stores can benefit from fly screens and keep bugs, bees and wasps out and protecting the food, the customers and the employees.


Businesses that are comfort and relaxation focused, such as beauty salons and health and wellbeing centres, can employ the use of screens on their windows to keep the premises naturally cool and fresh. This adds a more natural appeal while keeping out pestering insects, which is the last thing anyone wants when spending time and money relaxing and pampering themselves.


High-end businesses that have a high volume of customers and clients, such as grocery stores or retail outlets often use air conditioners to keep customers comfortable. They also use artificial lighting.

But these commercial premises and other small businesses should consider taking advantage of natural air and light to reduce costs. Security screens can help to achieve this along with its other benefits as an insect barrier and burglar protection.


It is an important time in the world to be lowering energy use and its impact on the environment. Everyone needs to be sourcing better options, more natural methods and businesses small and large can be leaders at the forefront of this.

If you feel your business can benefit from security screens, please get in touch with our helpful staff at Safety Screens who can advise you on your options.

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