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Insect screens do an important job of keeping the bees and their knees as well as other insects out of your home. But you maybe don't know all the reasons why they are so important.


If you are still on the fence about investing in screens for your home, just look at all the negatives and dangers that come with insects. And the added benefits that insect screens bring to your home.




They are noisy. The annoying common house fly enters your home and buzzes around the room, with seemingly no idea how to get back out. Back and forth, around your head, in circles before repeatedly bashing themselves into the glass just inches from the actual open space to the outdoors.


Even worse is the spine chilling, high-pitched whine of the mosquito. You frantically flail your arms and body to ward it off and escape from its painful bite. But it always finds you.


And speaking of painful bites, the bee and wasp are no picnic either. But bees do not need a picnic to be attracted to sweet foods in the home, following you around the room desiring a precious taste.


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Many people have extreme reactions to stings and even mosquitos or midge bites, resulting in painful swelling and even heart problems in worst-case scenarios. Not to mention the host of potential diseases spread by the mosquito and the pathogens and bacteria that filthy, faeces and trash loving flies can spread wherever they land.


Have you ever been unfortunate enough to open your bin in summer and find it crawling with fly larvae? It is not a pleasant sight.


That in itself is enough to convince you of the importance of fly screens and mosquito nets.




But besides the valuable benefit of preventing dangerous and pesky insects entering into your home, the insect screen provides many more benefits to your home.


While blocking the insect intruders, they allow a flow of natural air. Not only does this keep your home fresh, but allows cool breezes to keep temperatures down and save you running the air conditioning which keeps energy costs lower.


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An open solid door protected with a screen lets in more light and provides an unobstructed view of the outdoors. And does a better job at keeping heat from the sun out than glass doors and windows.


They are also a barrier to keep children out of restricted areas to remain in your sight. The heavier duty steel mesh varieties offer additional protection from impact or being pushed through. This gives especially good prevention against access to balconies and falls from second story windows.


The steel mesh screens also have extra security features with tamper proof locks and resistance to tears or cuts.


So all intruders, from flies to burglars are kept out of your home. And you remain safe, pest free and cool. Free to enjoy your home and company with peace of mind, the way you should.


For more information about insect screen options available to you, please get in touch with our experienced and helpful screen consultants.

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