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Screen-eo, oh screen-eo, where for art thou screen-eo? A screen of high quality is much sweeter than its lessers.


Quality screens should meet and go beyond the call of duty in standard and function, and there is no better quality than a stainless steel mesh screen. Like a knight in shining armour, our stainless steel mesh screens are the toughest on the market!


That's Some Fine Mesh


These quality screens are made of a fine-woven, high tensile, stainless steel mesh. They are manufactured to the highest standards and powder coated to withstand corrosion from salt spray and harsh environments like those in Dubai. They are much more than a simple window net. And they look good too. Mighty fine.


Shield of Protection


Your strong, handsome knight of a screen stands guard, a barrier against intruders. The highly durable mesh exceeds the toughest requirements of the Australian standards for security mesh testing; resisting damage from impact, knife puncture and shear tests.


A quality steel mesh screen will hold up against attempted break-ins, running dogs, pushing children and clawing cats, ensuring a long life. No repeated screen door repair needed here. It maintains its post day in and day out, a protector you can rely on.



Pride and Purpose


If it was able to stand, it would be standing tall and proud. Besides security it fulfills its crucial role flawlessly as an insect barrier while maintaining a view of the outdoors and allowing cool air to flow freely into your home. Not only that but it keeps harmful UV rays and heat out too.



It's a Matter of Choice


A quality stainless steel screen exceeds expectations to provide you with a range of options to suit sliding doors, double leaf french doors and windows, to hinged doors, tilt windows and sliding windows. All measured and custom fitted by trained experts.


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And the best screens boast a range of colours to match your existing frames, so you will be spoiled for choice.


Quality Matters


Cost sometimes drives people to go for the temporary quick fix. To spend little now on something cheap and flimsy, but sooner than later it will require replacement or repair, over and over. It wastes your time and in the end it wastes your money too.


Quality is that which is built to last, provides ease of use and peace of mind. It may cost more up front but require minimal attention to keep in top form. It stands the test of time, saving you time and money in the long run. Quality is always worth the investment.


So proclaim your love from a screen-protected balcony for the Stainless Steel Mesh Screen.


Our experienced staff are always on call to discuss your screen needs. Give us a call at Safety Screens to arrange and obligation free measure and quote and to see samples of these great screens that are now available in Dubai and across the UAE. Safety Screens are the first and only providers of these stainless steel mesh screens.

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