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Fly and insect screens have significantly evolved over the past decade. Old methods of construction using rubber to hold a low quality fiberglass mesh in place should no longer be acceptable. This is particularly relevant in the hot climatic conditions found in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the UAE. The summer heat and direct sun cause the rubber holding the mesh in place to break down and not hold the screen in place. Direct sun also causes the fiberglass mesh to become brittle and subsequently tear if anything touches it.

The other common cause of damaged flyscreens are of course kids! These little people show no respect for a mesh screen and treat them like they are steel doors. They push at them, pull them, kick their football at them, amongst the many other things they do to them. It’s not their fault and they deserve better quality doors and windows. We also see a number of screens that have been damaged by determined cats. These guys enjoy putting their claws into the mesh. Unfortunately fiberglass and other types of cheap mesh are no match for a cats sharp claws and they soon tear holes in the screen. It is also difficult to fit a robust pet door to a fiberglass mesh screen door as the mesh isn’t strong enough to hold the cat or dog door in place.


The other disappointing type of fly screen is the roll-up screen. These screens simply don’t last! And they can’t be repaired when they break. We are surprised to still see developers put these low quality insect barriers on new villas across the UAE. It’s a shame really that the designers still specify these low cost, low quality screens when there are many better alternatives now available in the market.

The choice of insect screens for the villa owner has never been better. With steel and aluminium prices relatively low, good quality screens manufactured with aluminium frames and stainless steel mesh are now available. They offer a much more robust screen that can be fitted to all doors and windows. Aluminium is a strong material and when treated with a powder coated finish, provides years of trouble free life. It is also flexible enough to be manufactured into a variety of different types of doors and windows that can fit: French doors, sliding doors, hinged single leaf doors, bi-fold doors, and all types of windows including the tilt and turn panel commonly found in Dubai.

There are other screen options available including affordable pleated retractable screens which offer a modern take on the traditional sliding screen. These screens fold back on themselves like and accordion making them stay out of sight when not in use. The other advantage of the pleated screen is that they are easy to repair. With no rubber involved in their construction, the mesh can simply slide out and be replaced with a new mesh. Whilst these screens are commonly manufactured from polyester, some of the higher quality manufacturers are offering an enhanced strength version that has a special coating over the top of the polyester. These are a good option for high heat areas such as the UAE.

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With so many modern screen options available to residents across the UAE, we urge you to consider carefully your choice of insect, fly and mosquito screen.


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