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by on October 13, 2021

Gojek is the Clash of Clones. It has beaten Uber in Indonesia, disrupting the ride-hailing industry that was ruled by Uber for 6 years in this country. GoJek also has replicate food delivery, online payments system, cashless payment system, offline payment stations.

What is Go-Jek?

Go-Jek, originally known as 'belanja', is a no-cash advanced taxi system that has become wildly popular in Indonesia. It was founded by Nadiem Makarim in 2008. The company provides services for on-demand transportation, logistics, content production, food delivery and payments. Users can go to the website or download the app to hail an on-demand motorcycle or car service.

How to Expand Your Business with the Gojek Clone Application?

Why do you need a clone script from cubetaxi?


While other features may be lacking, there are a few that will make life easier for developers. For example, the built-in tools give creators a head start by providing features that can be used to build things from scratch. This is especially helpful for those without much coding knowledge and can save time and effort in developing an app or website.

Why isn't it enough to just take the code and paste?

It's imperative that you know the right stats for your market before embarking on a new project. What you're looking for is indicators about what kind of users might be most interested in your product and what is most important to them. The better you understand your audience, the more likely you will succeed with this app.


How does cubetaxi work their magic and create the best version of your online business?


The answer is by providing web application development, web designing and software development services. The special thing about cubetaxi is the idea of customer-centricity and harnessing various technologies and making all parts work in unison for an enhanced user experience, increased engagement levels, ROI, etc


Reasons You Must Use a Clone App


On Demand Multi Service App is basically an identical app or copy of any popular app. Gojek clone app is an app similar to gojek app. It has features which are similar to gojek apps.
Their other benefits are that they are readily available for purchase on Company websites like cubetaxi. They are faster, cheaper, more efficient, scalable, avoid back-end developments


The Proof: Customer Stories


The most compelling aspect of Gojek is the customer service - not only how happy customers are with the service, but also how GoJek anticipates every possible need that they have before even knowing there's a need.



There are many people that can help you find what is the best clone script for you. One of the ways that I like to do this is by coming up with a clear set of requirements. I then go through all of the blog posts and forums on the topic to see what items might be applicable to my needs.
Have a look at our website and get an idea of what gojek clone app is and what you will get when you buy an app from us.


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