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E-commerce management requires a number of insurances to protect the interests of this professional activity in an online format. Where it is a very important tool so that you can be prepared to protect not only your professional interests, but also your assets and IT equipment. Where the most important thing is that everything works with full correction. In this general context, it should be noted that the e-commerce insurance quote of online stores is usually commercial insurance, the main purpose of which is to protect both the premises or warehouse and goods or stocks. to various risks (fire, theft, damage to electricity, water, etc.) and civil liability of both the premises and the business itself.

In any case, if your online business does not have premises because you provide services and do not sell products, it is common practice to enter into a general liability insurance contract that covers civil liability for operation, employer and products, as well as legal protection against these. claims.


  • Protection of assets

One of the most popular is the so-called purchase insurance, which is a policy for companies that sell finished products directly to the consumer. This product has an adapted coverage for this type of establishment. Guaranteeing technical advice on quality and safety issues and expanding civil liability, among other things, for the complete protection you and your Internet business need.

Another necessary policy for this type of business is the land transportation policy. In the sense that it helps to get the most complete protection, regardless of whether you are a shipper, broker, carrier or organizer of art exhibitions. Likewise, it proposes a way in which it mainly addresses the needs of the owners of the goods. This policy obliges the insured to notify about every trip made, setting the rate for each of them based on the goods insured by this financial product.


  • Information Technologies Policy

On the other hand, this important advantage is also present in this proposal. Where users, freelancers, and small and medium-sized businesses can subscribe to different types of policies to ensure the proper functioning of their computers or computer equipment Through products that include coverage for the repair, installation and maintenance of computers, data loss and physical damage to its components, and which are even designed to laptops; although, however, people can always go for home insurance, which includes coverage for possible deficiencies in computer use, as well as computer assistance services.

Another option that users can also sign up for is insurance policies for electronic equipment for both professional and private use, which is installed at home or offices and is intended for individuals interested in insuring their insurance for both professional and private. use. This type of insurance usually covers short circuits and other electrical causes (overvoltage, induction or poor insulation), lubrication defects, assembly failures and poor workmanship, among the most common. It also covers external damage such as fire, explosion, direct lightning strike, theft and other natural events, among other unforeseen circumstances.

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