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Build Gojek Clone App? It’s easy and quick if you have the right app development company by your side. We discuss that later. Let’s explore Gojek from the start.

Business owners might have heard the name of Gojek, but are not aware of what exactly the app is into.

Gojek Application was launched in 2015, Indonesia. It started with only 20 drivers offering ride-hailing services which gradually expanded providing On-Demand Services now crossing over a million delivery drivers. You can think of how the app has progressed and made its mark in the Asian Market. You will find the presence of Gojek Applications in cities like Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Angola, Bangkok, Cambodia, and the Philippines. The Super App has become the one-stop solution for the citizens to order groceries, food, handyman services, beautician services, babysitters, flowers, and more.

Developing Gojek Clone App – The Latest Trend

There are already several Super App launched in the Asian and other markets globally. However, not all can make their mark.

For startups and established business owners looking for new business ideas and wish to invest in On-Demand Industry building an app like Gojek can be the best solution.

Gojek Clone App offers a great opportunity to start a business instantly. Inspired from the original model, Gojek Clone Script carries similar features and functions.

Super apps are great in demand and app like Gojek is the most successful app that has grabbed the attention of several entrepreneurs.

Gojek Clone App lets you offer 70+ On-Demand Multiple Services under a single roof. The app is versatile and handles day-to-day chores easily. The users are extremely happy using one app instead of 10 different ones.

Especially startups will have less capital or prefer the Affordable Gojek Clone App. In this case, buying Gojek Clone Script Solution comes at a fraction of the price. The clone app is very much genuine, and white-labeled build on a scalable solution. Thus, allows you to expand your offerings ultimately increasing your revenue.

Steps To Follow To Build An App Like Gojek

Choosing The Right OS Platform

There are three options to develop Gojek like App.

If you are wondering which OS Platform you should develop your Gojek Clone App only iOS or Android or both? Well, it depends on the target audience, if your target audience is using Android then go for that OS or you can choose to have it developed on both platforms.

Native apps are fast and you can have seamless UI/UX.

Customized Feature Lists

The Gojek Clone App is packed with powerful features that assist you in expanding your multiservice business.

The app now is available with New Version Features which makes Gojek Clone even better.

Gojek Clone New features include:

  • Restricted passenger limits
  • Item name searching
  • Face mask verifications
  • Safety checklists
  • Safety ratings and reviews
  • Ride cancellation
  • Voice instructions for delivery drivers
  • OTP verification to start the ride/tasks
  • Apply toll cost manually
  • Calculate fare – 2 methods
  • 18+ Age confirmation
  • Delivery driver with a helper to assist
  • Store/restaurant wise commission
  • Daywise separate time slots
  • Delivery driver options to cancel orders
  • Graphical status of the rides/orders via in-app notifications

Additionally, it also provides quick login through social media ids. To launch and expand in any geographical location it is integrated with Multi-language support other than English. There are other 10 different languages to choose from.

Gojek Clone App also has a Multi-currency feature that supports more than USD, offering 10 different currencies so that you can have ease in doing business.

Multiple payment gateways, Push-notifications, In-app call/chat support are advanced-level features present in your Gojek Clone App.

Designing and Development

Once you are done figuring out the OS platforms and features it's time to know about the app architecture.

How your users will interact and what kind of navigation flow will be the best for your Gojek Clone App is users will interact and the entire navigational flow of your app. Talk to your app development team that makes you understand the app flow.

The wireframes are the skeleton of the app. These are developed before the coding starts. This includes pop-ups, buttons, text fields, and more.

If you find the Wireframe work satisfying, the app developers will start with the backend coding and front-end development.

Taking Final Demo and Going Live

Once your Gojek Clone is designed and developed, the project manager will provide you with the final demo.

Check the features, the working mechanism, the entire navigation before giving a thumbsup. Once you have given the “Green Signal”  to your super app, make sure your app is bug-free and good to use.

The team starts with the white-labeling process. The Gojek Clone App will bear your brand name, logo, and themes allowing your brand name to prosper.

Hiring The Best Gojek Clone App Development Company

Approach an app development company. Discuss your app project requirement with the team and get to know in detail about the app development process.

With a wide range of experience in developing a variety of mobile apps, Team can guide you through the right path so that your app is successful the day it is launched.

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