Basketball Arcade Machine
by on July 9, 2021

Basketball arcade games are pretty simple to figure out. Learning how to play a basketball arcade machine is essential before you play the game. Follow these few tips on how to play a Basketball Arcade Machine arcade game.


  1. Find a good competitor

    Whether it’s your friend, your mom, or your grandpa, it’s important to find someone who loves competition. Playing alone? No worries, we are our biggest critics, and trying to beat your own competition can be the biggest inspiration to beat that high score of yours!

  2. Start the timer

    Before starting the game, it’s important to start the timer before the game starts. You can do so by clicking the button on the bottom half of the game. There the timer will start and it will be able to begin counting the balls that make it into the basket.

  3. Position your body

    Although it might not seem so, it’s important to identify where you should aim before shooting. In order to win a basketball arcade machine, you should assure that your eyes stay on the basket, your legs are shoulder-width apart and you are holding the ball correctly. While this part may take a few tries, practice makes perfect!

  4. Outscore your competitor

    You determine the winner of the game by the score at the end of the game. Once the timer reaches 0 your baskets will no longer be counted. You can determine the winner by the display on the backboard of the game.

  5. Keep a record of winners

    While the basketball arcade machine game can’t keep record of every game, you should keep score of each winner to see if there is a record that needs to be broken!

Basketball Arcade Machine isn’t a difficult game. As long as you’re having fun and enjoying the product, then you’re probably using it right.

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