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by on March 6, 2021

Speak TO CLUES ( for many questions see below) Talk to RuneScape gold  the pirate who is looknig for his treasure response him a question. Speak to the barbarian conducting the S.O.S and answer her a query. Speak to the best chef at the lands and answer him a query. Talk to somebody who has a bell and explains to me about Player Mods Answer him a query. Speak to somebody who possesses the general store answer him/her a question. Speak to the rune shop seller in varrock and answer him a query. Speak to the master of woodcutting Answer him a query. Speak to the magician with the odd brown armour answer him a question.

The queries will be the queries from the doors at the S.O.S.. After done answering all of the questions you'll find a scroll, bring this scroll to the cradle of life from the S.O.S.. You'll receive your rewards. Coupons can be traded at no cost Haircuts, clothes changes. THese are emote enchancers. Mad Scientest hair - Idea. Big 1 hand - Smack head. Dunce cap - Thought. Cement shoes - Stomp( I did two thoughts becuase flap already has an emote, the chicken suit, think about the ducne cap as an UNchancher.) These, when utilized unlock an emote. Heres my little notion, the bear head ought to enchance the mad emote.

Well a new animation would be helpful, but arrows through the chest, limbs falling off, this is Runescape, not a horror movie or a DOOM sequel.I'm sure plenty of us would like to understand a different death animation per way the person has been murdered, but it can be done without gore and violence. By way of instance, how's this for a few.

Mage death:The person is turned into a heap of black ashes on the floor, like they were changed from the spell Ancient mage death:The person has been encased in ice, in a situation as if they were planning to hit or reach for help, then are sent to lumbridge, and they unfreeze whenever they arrive.

Range death:The person falls toward the archer who downed himand then fades, as if he was reaching for help, but no gore,blood, or trapped arrows. Melee death:The individual falls and expires through the present death cartoon. Exception-Stab:The person falls on their behind like in a spectacular play, then disappears into lumbridge. Some are better than others, however, I never said I was an expert, keep that  buy old school rs gold in mind, thanks.

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