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by on February 17, 2021

Hello Peep! At times where technology is climbing to the peak, nothing is impossible. In the past few decades, we have been foreseeing several technological unfoldings. With these advancements, we are being able to live a comfortable life. Thanks to all the technological innovations that made our lives easier. Now, let us talk about bike taxi services. In this busy world, people rely on private transport services for its convenience. The popular private are taxi services most people use. But the bike taxi is just a budding transport service that needs attention.

 Bike taxi services over other transports

Agreeing to the fact that people use private transports as they can reach the location on time. Taking the taxi service as an example, the cost is relatively higher than other public transports. On the other hand, imagine the number of taxis and how it will impact the traffic. Alternatively, the bike taxis will not impact the traffic and can also reach on time.

Moreover, bike taxis are cheaper in comparison to taxis. As said earlier, the bike taxi services are still in its budding stage. You as a business person can make use of this opportunity and invest in on-demand bike taxi app development. Interested to know more about this? Keep reading!

Working model of the on-demand bike taxi

  1. First, users will sign up for the app by giving their personal details.
  2. Next, users can enter the source and destination address on the app.
  3. Once entered, the users will receive the fare of the bike taxi ride.
  4. If the user wishes to proceed, then the request will be automatically assigned to the driver.
  5. The driver will reach out to the user’s location using the app’s GPS enabled route assistance.
  6. Finally, the driver will drop the user at the mentioned destination.
  7. Users will make the payment for the ride using any of the payment options ranging from digital modes to cash on delivery.

Array of features vested in the app

  • Schedule ride
  • Track bikes
  • Volatile payment options
  • Fare estimation
  • Time of arrival estimation
  • Navigation assistance
  • Analytics


Developing the bike taxi software will give you an edge over other businesses, as bike taxis will be highly adopted by users. If this app development triggers your eagerness to develop the app, then reach out to us.

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