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by on February 17, 2021

Every time it expands, Grinding Gear Games will spare no effort to create a new skill tree, and the same seems to be true for Echoes of the Atlas. The echo of Atlas expansion introduces passive skill trees for each Atlas region. Unlock them by fighting the boss of the proving ground to increase the content you encounter and the rewards you get while browsing the atlas. It is not easy to defeat the final boss. Fortunately, players can Buy POE Currency to make a powerful skill tree.

The Atlas region of the same name will give each region a unique passive skill tree. The exiles will unlock them by fighting the bosses in the "proving ground" and become more powerful as they explore the atlas. As we mentioned before, GGG spared no effort to make these skill trees, and as a result, they are very large and numerous. Players will encounter eight skill trees:
    Haewark Hamlet
    Tyre's end
    Lex Proxima
    Lex Ejoris
    Glennach Keynes
    New vastir
    Valdo's rest
    Lira Arthain

Each tree will be unique, and specifying it will produce a large number of text walls, which may not be what you expect. However, GGG produced eight pictures to use as a graph of the passive skill tree for each area. These trees are very unique because they do not learn from each other, so there should be enough different game styles to keep the game fresh for the foreseeable future.

The community team’s statement stated that everyone who reads the notes is beautiful, which prompted the players of "Road to Exile" to praise the developers and write love poems for each other without hiding their excitement in the thread. in. If you choose to purchase Path of Exile Currency , this will help you build a more unique passive skill tree.

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