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by on February 2, 2021

Nearly every business today is in rebuilding mode as the world recovers from the pandemic shutdowns. If you're in the Delaware Valley and working through your list of priorities, make sure to find a Philadelphia SEO expert. Search engine optimization needs to be at the heart of your company's digital marketing program if it isn't already. If you're pouring resources into social media, online advertising, and web design but not seeing the results you need, SEO is likely the answer. New customers today find your business through internet search most often, so you must be visible.

A surprising number of web designers lack specific SEO knowledge, and when they build sites, it's common for them to miss errors. Today's sophisticated search engines – which are increasingly artificially intelligent – don't miss anything. Therefore, if your site has errors of any kind, your organic search positions will be affected. It's why there is no substitute for having a website tune-up from an SEO expert with the experience and knowledge to find everything. Your site has many behind-the-scenes areas, many of which need to be completed and optimized.

The most professional SEO agencies also provide support with content, both on and off your website. For example, guest posting on well-read blogs will help you and your site. It's a way of helping people seeking information about your area of expertise. The backlinks to your website lead potentially interested customers to you, and they make an excellent impression on search engines. If you've never before place off-site content, you'll be surprised by how much of a difference it can make. In time you may come to enjoy the customer conversations that result from your guest blog posts.

Once your site is error-free and fully optimized, the rest is more enjoyable to build your credibility and visibility. Many business people have never taken advantage of the many opportunities that exist – and some are apprehensive purely owing to a lack of knowledge. If you see competitors doing very well with their websites and search rankings, it's because they've been open to the idea of becoming more active online. Even if you aren't an extrovert, there are ways to contribute information that users find helpful. You need good advice to get started. 

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