It had been very much the exact same thing (though arguably the Plains of Eidolon and also the newer areas definitely have a lot more visually moving on) in  Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta which you wander into an open area with your celebration, research, fight monsters, and do quests outside in the field. You could also encounter NPC's outside in the area though Dragon's Dogma Online was very empty and devoid of people for the most part and was full of enemies and things to gather.

The scope of the maps I would hope for, at least for example, would be to be able to travel from some thing like the Naberius Forest into the Tundra, to be able to scale up to the ruins and explore that in a smooth route. But if they ended up falling the procedural generation of these maps, this could definitely end up like the way Warframe and Dragon's Dogma Online set up most of their open field maps where you'd fall in to certain areas and expect certain enemies and bosses at those locations.

Personally, however, I have always wished to be in a position to parkour-sprint through the areas like the very first opening revealed. What we got in Episode 4 (which introduced the Dash Rings to my understanding ) was neat because it let us do a leap similar and it let us moan but I personally did not like the way that it was really"sticky" and linear sense and how the normal movement in the game is otherwise very slow even with the step-jump sprinting. Games such as Warframe are extremely nice to me to the freedom but it certainly would break so many of these games, so that I believe I'd love sprinting that feels like"sprinting" enjoy in Dragon's Dogma.

It seems that all fashion items regardless of it it's an outerwear, outfit, or cast part are also usable alongside all of the registered cosmetics that could be consumed in buy meseta pso2 .

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